Stop Wasting Money! Rethink Your Electric Bill

Electricity is not a luxury, it is a necessity. When your bill comes, you pay it. If your bill is expensive, you may try to scale back consumption or look for ways to be more efficient. You don’t turn out all the lights and shut off the AC. And what you definitely don’t do is look for a new utility company. Why? Because there is only one company in your area capable to deliver electricity to your home. So even if you are unsatisfied or confused about what a delivery charge is, you click “pay now” or get out the checkbook.


But when you pay the bill, where does it go? Well, when that money leaves your account each month, your utility company takes that money and invests it in its own equity. This includes heavy investment into solar technology, adding to the grid, or paying for a CEO’s bonus. Well what if I told you instead of paying your electric bill each month and giving some monopoly (utility company) money to invest, you could take that same exact money and instead invest it into your most valuable asset: your property?


That is exactly what a solar PV system allows you to do. Why waste money every month to essentially “rent” a product that you could be “buying” for even lesser each month? Solar PV systems cost less per month to own then the average electric bill your utility company collects. That sounds pretty great, right? Well that’s not even the best part. The best part is that these monthly payments towards owning your own solar PV system are fixed, so they will not rise like our electric bills, and they will eventually END! This means that you will not only save money each month, but at some point, your cost of electricity will equal $0.00. And to top that, the Federal Government is actually going to help you pay for it! Stop wasting your money and get a quote today.