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Why Solar Is Freedom

Ohio’s most trusted home solar installer

Solar Is Freedom is a locally owned and operated company with offices in both Cincinnati and Columbus. We have roots in these communities, and we care about the future of homeowners here. Because of this, we intensely and exclusively focus here in Ohio to ensure every eligible home is making the best financial decision possible when it comes to their energy bills. Solar Is Freedom takes all the nonsense out of the process and provides you with all the information up front, before any level of commitment is necessary. We want homeowners to be educated about solar and we want to help them understand the benefits of solar. This is why you have one person from start to finish, that is as invested in your home solar project as you are. This assigned representative of Solar Is Freedom takes you from the initial home evaluation all the way through the installation and beyond through the long life of the solar array. If you’ve ever been interested in finding out if your home is eligible with no commitment, stop waiting and find out now and we will have a home solar expert contact you.