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Why Residential Solar

In Ohio, solar for your home is the right financial decision.

Imagine renting a home that has guaranteed rent increases annually. Now imagine having the opportunity to buy that home for $0 out of pocket, save money monthly with a fixed payment, and still have a 25-year whole home warranty. Finally, imagine paying off that home during the warranty period! This is what you can expect when you choose to install solar for your home. This is not your typical home improvement. Solar is Freedom® is asking you to flip a volatile bill into a secure investment. By going solar, you are making the decision to stop wasting your money and instead build equity in your home.

INCENTIVES – In Ohio, we have access to the Federal Investment Tax Credit, essentially having the federal government fund 22% of your solar project! This is only available through 2021! There are also various local incentives depending on your local government. The number one incentive in Ohio is net metering. With net metering, you can enjoy your same great service, put zero dollars down, and start saving money with clean energy on your home immediately.

To find out more about these incentives and how they would affect your solar project, get in touch with a professional from our team today!