Our Process

Homeowners are seeing solar more and more everyday, and are wondering if solar would make sense for them. Why wonder? We eliminate all the guesswork and take the time to evaluate your home, without a commitment of any kind, to determine if solar is right for you. If it is, and you decide to move forward, we then take the time to get it done right, assigning someone to your project so that you never have to wonder about what is happening and when. And of course, at the end, we come back out to get your stamp of approval. This is how Solar Is Freedom® became one of the top and highly rated residential solar installers in Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

1. Home Qualification Survey

The first question everyone looking into solar wants to know the answer to is: “Would solar make sense for my home?” We take care of that right away with a free, no-commitment solar evaluation. We take a brief 15 minutes to ask a few questions, get a few pictures, and provide you with some basic solar information. This quick survey will determine if your property is suitable for a solar installation.

2. Design

After our evaluation, our pre-engineering team will take the information gathered and construct a custom design specifically to meet your goals for your home. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a calculated, tailored design that fits your energy needs and guarantees the best return on your investment.

3. Presentation

Once the design is complete, we come back out to give you a comprehensive report on what solar can do for your home. Through our presentation, we will walk you through every step of the process and all the benefits. You will have all the tools you need to make an informed decision about solar. At this point, assuming you are like so many of the homeowners we have worked with, you will get on our schedule!

4. Site Inspection

Now that we have decided to move forward with the solar installation, we come out and get everything we need to submit for permitting and to properly plan for installation day! The Solar Is Freedom® Project Team will contact you and schedule one of our site inspectors to gather all necessary information. This typically takes less than an hour, and is done within two to three weeks of signing up!

5. Design & Electrical Review

Once your site inspector has gathered all the necessary information needed for permitting and net metering, our internal Project Team reviews everything and compares it to the original design. Once the design has been validated and the electrical engineering review process is complete, we move onto permitting!

6. Permitting & Staging

Once the final project plan has been reviewed, the utility company and permit office now review and approve the plans. Once this final approval is achieved by the Project Team, it is now time to schedule the installation day!

7. Installation

The permits and net metering agreements are secured, so now it is time to install the solar array on your home. This process is done by our in-house team of experts who have done thousands of residential solar installations. The Project Team handles the scheduling, and the installation team will have exact plan sets that need to be followed per jurisdictional rules and electrical code. Once the installation is complete, your Account Manager will be in touch for the quality control inspection to ensure expectations were met. They will also be going over any final steps and any outstanding questions regarding solar ownership.

8. Permission to Operate

Your solar array is fully installed and ready to produce! Solar Is Freedom® will order the bidirectional meter to be installed by your utility company. Once installed, the activation process is complete! You are now able to operate your system and take advantage of the net metering program through your utility. You will have access to monitoring, and you are now on your way to taking control of your energy future!