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Our Process

Ohio homeowners are seeing solar more and more everyday, and are wondering if solar would make sense for them. Why wonder? We eliminate all the guesswork and take the time to evaluate your home, without a commitment of any kind, to determine if solar is right for you. If it is, and you decide to move forward, we then take the time to get it done right, assigning someone to your project so that you never have to wonder about what is happening and when. And of course, at the end, we come back out to get your stamp of approval. This is how Solar Is Freedom became the most highly rated residential solar installer in Ohio.

Evaluation Survey Evaluation Survey

Step 1

Evaluation Survey

The first thing on many homeowners’ minds when thinking about solar is this: “will it even make sense for my house?” We take care of that right away with a free, no-commitment solar evaluation. We will come out to your home, provide you with solar information, and determine if your property is suitable.

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Design Design

Step 2


After our evaluation, our pre-engineering team will take the information gathered and construct a custom design specifically to meet your needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a calculated, tailored design that fits your energy needs and guarantees the best return on your investment.

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Presentation Presentation

Step 3


Once the design is complete, we come back out to give you a full, comprehensive report on what solar can do for your home. Through our presentation, we will walk you through every step of the process and all the benefits. You will have all the tools you need to make an informed decision about solar. This report and design are completely free!

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 Staging and Permitting  Staging and Permitting

Step 4

Staging and Permitting

Now that we have decided to move forward with the solar installation and you have chosen Solar is Freedom as your installer, we can get started on the exciting part of the solar project: the paperwork! All we need from you is a few signatures and we handle the rest.

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 Installation  Installation

Step 5


The permits and net metering agreements are secured, so now it is time to install the solar array on your home. This process is done by our in-house team of experts who have done hundreds of residential solar installations.

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Activation Activation

Step 6


Your solar is ready to go! Now we need to button up the project with a quick activation process, sharing of monitoring, and a final walk through. Once this is complete, your clean energy future has begun!

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