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Louisville Solar Roof Installation

20,000 Kilowatt-Hours Saved in Louisville

This installation in Louisville, Kentucky was a great experience from start to finish. The homeowner lives in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, and the project went extremely smoothly with the association, the local permitting office within the authority having jurisdiction, and the utility company. Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) is always easy to work with and filing the net metering paperwork was a breeze. The entire process was handled by the Solar Is Freedom® sales team and project manager. The only contribution from the homeowner necessary was signatures. Once the engineering and sales were completed, the project was given the green light from all relevant stakeholders, and the project was scheduled, it was time for installation. A team of four was dispatched, two-panel installers, one electrician, and one assistant.  

Louisville Kentucky Solar Roof

The total system is forty-five Jinko 320-watt panels, with forty-five SolarEdge P320 optimizers, covering both the East and West facing roof slopes. The inverter is one SolarEdge SE11400H-US, which means that this installation is using a centralized inverter. The project took only one day to accomplish! The roof was very walkable, and the panel installers had no issues getting all forty-five panels done by early afternoon! When compared to industry standards, this took our team about half the time. The electrical equipment in the home was up to code and also easy to work off of, no additional work was needed to make the home “solar ready”, so the installation was quick and easy. This customer is offsetting over 20,000 kilowatt-hours annually and saving over $2,000 annually. This family is significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The system will offset enough carbon to equal about 12,000 trees, will erase over 43,000 miles driven in a gas vehicle per year, and will save almost half a million pounds of coal from being burned.