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Louisville Multi-Pitch Solar Roof

35-Panel Solar Array in Louisville, KY

This beautiful home is located right in the heart of Louisville, KY. The homeowners had friends who had solar installed on their homes who could not stop raving about the savings associated with solar! Curious if solar would work for their home and if it would save them money too, they contacted Solar is Freedom’s® Louisville office for a free consultation. They built this home in 2019, making it in the perfect condition for solar installation. After hearing about how net metering would work for them and seeing what their return on investment could be, these homeowners were fully committed. Based on their monthly usage, the design team constructed this 35-panel array that covers two different roof surfaces. The system uses one SolarEdge inverter and 35 optimizers, one at each panel. Our production team was able to easily get them signed up for net metering with their utility, Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) as well as obtain the proper permitting required in their area. With all of that in check, the installation teams got this array up and running in just one day. The homeowners are thrilled with their array and have been spreading the word about the beauty of solar energy! 

Milti-Pitch Solar Array on Louisville Roof

One of the many benefits of solar arrays is that they allow for flexibility in the lives of homeowners. These homeowners, for example, discussed maybe building onto their home or even adding a pool, both of which would increase their energy usage. Thanks to the flexible nature of solar arrays, they can always add more panels later if their usage does increase. We have worked with many homeowners in the past who have come back to us wanting us to add a few more panels to their array, which is always an exciting task!