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Is Solar Right For My Property?

How do I know if my property will work with solar?

This question can be answered only by the person who owns the property, however, there are some properties that are more suited for solar than others. The best way to determine if a property is right for solar is by evaluating home efficiency, available roof or property space, local and state legislation, and goals for a potential solar project. Most building owners that get an electric bill every month, in a state like Ohio or Kentucky where net metering is adopted and supported, will have a property that is eligible and viable for solar. Google has a project, known as Project Sunroof, that helps determine viability of solar projects on properties across the US. The general consensus was that most buildings are suitable for a retrofit solar array, and the owners would benefit financially. The most optimal properties have no shade, face due south, have plenty of available roof space, have reliable connections to the grid, and are current on all NEC electrical building codes. Having property like this is ideal for solar, however solar is still viable and beats the alternative even if only some or even none of these criteria are met perfectly.

The question most homeowners have to answer is simple: “Do I want to rent my power from my utility, or do I want to own it?” This question can help a home or business owner decide to stop wasting money, and instead start investing in his or her own property. When a property owner pays the electric bill each month, the owner simply loses that money. It is a variable sunk cost that drains the owner of wealth and has no return. When a home or business owner chooses to buy solar, they are seeing a financial return, reducing his or her carbon footprint, and create lasting control and predictability for the utility bill. Each project is different, and the only way to see where a property falls in terms of viability and if it makes sense is to talk to a solar professional

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