How Solar Shields Your Roof

Solar is still relatively new in Ohio and, because of this, people are unsure how it will impact their property. Questions like “Is it safe on my roof?” and “Will it cause roofing issues?” are heard frequently in places where solar is still emerging. Although the Ohio solar market is growing and solar awareness increases every day, questions like these are still common. The short answer to these questions is that solar is safe. However, solar is even better than just safe. Solar can actually increase the value of your property while protecting your roof and having virtually no impact on its structural integrity.


Most monocrystalline solar panels, which are commonly used in roof-mounted solar arrays, are typically warrantied for over 2.5 hailstones. This means that it would need to be pouring baseball-sized hail or larger to damage the tempered glass panels. In addition to this, the common mounting systems are resistant to winds over 135 mph. This means that the array is essentially storm proof and much more resilient than the average shingle, or even metal roof. In the event that there is tornado-type weather or an act of God (tree falling on the property), most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover any damage beyond the warranties.


The homeowner’s insurance rates also typically are not affected by the solar array. This is because the panels act as armor on the average shingled roof or metal roof. The areas of the roof covered by the panels last longer than most exposed areas due to the weather protection provided by the array. Solar was initially popular in areas that have much harsher weather conditions than Ohio, giving Ohio solar buyers the benefit of a technology that is built and tested in much more horrible conditions.