How Much Does A Solar Panel System Cost?

What does solar cost?

The average cost nationally for a residential solar array is $2.90 per watt. This average sheds very little light on how much a project really costs, however. This is because the calculations used for total cost vary from installer to installer and project to project. The regional averages also vary for a number of reasons. The products used, the amount of service offered, and warranties all go towards the bottom line. This can often lead to price confusion. Trying to compare costs of solar arrays can be like comparing the cost of a car engine to a fully functioning car. However, when it is all said and done, for a financed project that is hands-free for the average owner, the average payment typically is lower than the amount an average home or business owner saves. This means that even though the cost of the system could range from $10,000 to $100,000, the monthly savings are infinite! This makes any project affordable.


When doing research on price, it is easy to get a quick estimate, but this often varies widely from the final true cost of the project. By inputting electric demand and size of the house, you can get a rough idea, but other questions are in need of being answered before you can get a true cost. For example: what if a new main service panel needs to be added to the home or business? What if the roof is in need of replacement? Do you factor in tax savings before or after you calculate the price? Are you talking about net cost or retail price tag? Do you want a full turnkey service, or are you looking for someone to sell you materials only? Do you want to finance the project? How much are the “soft costs”, such as permit and interconnection fees, home owner’s association (HOA) fees, and the labor to get these filed?


Because of all these questions, Solar Is Freedom has seen a project on one house be twice as much as a project on a similar sized house. The best way to get a true quote, with no change orders or guesswork, is to reach out to SIF for a property evaluation and quote.