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Frankfort Detached Garage Solar Array

Solar Array on A Detached Garage in Frankfort, KY

This project, done in Frankfort, Kentucky, was completed on a detached garage for an excited homeowner. Frankfort is located between Louisville and Lexington and is in the heart of our Kentucky service area. The garage has a perfectly south-facing roof, with plenty of sun exposure all day long. The roof was also brand new, and by combining both the roof and solar together into one project, the homeowner was able to save even more money!

Solar Array on Garage in Frankfort, KY

The design, sales, and engineering process were a little more involved than the typical Solar Is Freedom installation, due to the need for trenching from the garage to the main home. This required additional marking of any and all underground hazards, and careful planning to avoid unexpected issues. With proper planning and due diligence, the permits and net metering were secured by Solar Is Freedom and the project was able to move forward. This process is typically dependent on how fast the local permit office will move, but with dedicated account and project managers, this project was able to be built right on schedule.

This array is made up of thirty-nine Jinko 320-watt panels and thirty-nine P320 SolarEdge optimizers on the roof. The inverter is a centralized system, meaning all the direct current to alternating current conversion is done in one SolarEdge SE11400H-US Inverter. The project was completed over a three day period, and because of proper planning and excellent trench work, was completed with no complications. The trench work and panel installation were completed, and the electrical team finished up. The system offset over 18,000 kilowatt-hours a year, offsetting the entire electrical consumption of the home. The system will save over $2,000.00 annually. The green energy produced by the installation of this solar array will be the equivalent of planting over 345 acres of forest.