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Easy Guide to Understanding Residential Solar

Easy Guide to Understanding Residential Solar

Posted on: August 2nd, 2021

Residential Solar Intro

Purchasing and installing a solar array can be intimidating. It is a significant investment made in a complex electrical system. However, understanding the benefits both from the community and individual perspectives can be made easier by understanding the solar industry lingo. Defining the common terminology used in regards to solar panels and how they function can ease worries and allow homeowners to begin seeing the unequivocal value of going solar. This post outlines some of these commonly used terms that homeowners often find are unfamiliar to them. These terms are the key that can unlock the language of solar, and help homeowners better understand how solar interacts with both the home and the greater community.  

Key Solar Terms

An average homeowner will never become an expert on electrical systems or grid integrity. This guide is meant to help sort through the many options available to homeowners, and to help pick the right expert. Solar Is Freedom is dedicated to a no-nonsense, NABCEP certified design upfront that will save hours of guesswork and sets clear expectations from the beginning. This has resulted in hundreds of satisfied reviews. Homeowners can reach out today to see the difference.