Commercial Solar

The Many Benefits of Going Solar


  1. Federal tax incentives. Uncle Sam wants YOU! To go solar. Write off up to 60% of the cost of your system off this year’s tax bill and reinvest that money into your business.
  2. Energy bill savings. Most customers in the Midwest will see savings under warranty between 1.5X to 3X the net cost of their system. These savings are essentially guaranteed under our industry-leading 20-year service warranty and increase cash flow for your business.
  3. Lock in low electricity rates. Commercial electricity prices have averaged more than a 2% annual increase over the past 20 years. This 2% increase is likely to accelerate further as our aging electric grid proves unreliable in the face of more frequent and more severe natural disasters, constantly requiring costly upgrades just to maintain the status quo. Lock in a low rate that is substantially cheaper than your utility with solar.
  4. Turn unutilized rooftop space or land into an asset. Instead of letting unused space you own sit idle, enjoy a return from an asset!
  5. Improve brand image and attract new customers. Consumers everywhere love using their pocketbooks to make a positive difference. A few examples: “Sales of products marketed as sustainable grew 5.6X faster than those that were not” (Harvard Business Review, 2019), “88% of Consumers Want You to Help Them Make a Difference” (Forbes, 2018), and “No matter what, sustainability is no longer a niche play: your bottom line and brand growth depend on it” (Nielsen Report, 2018).
  6. Improve public health by reducing air pollution. One in five premature deaths globally are from fossil fuel pollution (Harvard University, 2021). These brutal social costs are no longer needed to have inexpensive energy, due to the massive drop in price of renewable energy over the past decade.
  7. Protect the environment and fight climate change. Extensive research has been done on renewable energy’s benefit to the environment and critical role in addressing climate change. We recommend checking out the Sierra’s Club Climate and Energy page for more information.

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