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Commercial Solar

Solar for your business saves money and attracts clients

If you own a company then profitability is high up on your list of priorities. Solar allows you, as a business owner, to stop investing in your utility provider’s equity, but instead turn a sunk cost that is ever-increasing into an asset. This increases your profitability by both saving costs and adding asset value. But equally as valued is customer and employee experience. People want to feel good about who they are working for and who they are buying from. Consumer reports show that people are over 90% more likely to try a new company or product if they feel the company displays high corporate social responsibility.

INCENTIVES – In Ohio, we have access to the Federal Investment Tax Credit, essentially having the federal government fund 30% of your solar project! This is only available through 2019! There is also accelerated depreciation that can help your business recover up to an additional 28% of your solar project through deductions. This means that you can recover almost 60% of the cost of the project!! There may be various local incentives depending on your local government as well. To find out more about these incentives and how they would affect your solar project, get in touch with a professional from our team today!