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Columbus Solar

Columbus Location

2545 Westbelt Drive
Columbus, OH 43228
0ffice: (614) 219-3434

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Our Columbus location services the greater Columbus, OH region, including Cleveland, northern Ohio, and Dayton.


Columbus, OH – Our Second Home

The city of Columbus is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The local government and utilities around the Columbus area are friendly to residential solar. This, coupled with the fact that about half of the Solar Is Freedom® staff are Ohio State University alumni, made Columbus, Ohio an obvious choice for opening up the second-ever Solar Is Freedom® location. Jake Trubiano, our first hire in the Columbus area, is from Hilliard and is passionate about being a part of the growing Columbus economy. Central Ohio has been extremely receptive to Solar Is Freedom® and has become our largest office in terms of solar installations! The energy and progressive thinking of this area made it perfect for solar energy. The sales team quickly grew into a massive success between 2017 and 2020 and is now operating at the same level as the corporate headquarters in Cincinnati. The office is located on Dublin Rd., near Grandview on the West Side of Columbus, hosting multiple installation teams, a full sales team, and an administration team. These teams have quickly helped Solar Is Freedom® become the number one rated and fastest-growing residential solar installer in the state!

Solar Is Freedom® is passionate about the homeowner experience. In every interaction with the Columbus community, the goal is to create solar advocates. In order to do this, Solar Is Freedom® takes all the headache out of buying solar. Instead of throwing out endless options and using high-pressure sales tactics, the Columbus office of SIF is dedicated to a consultative approach to ensure that by the time property owners are signing up, all expectations are clear and all that is needed is signatures. From there, the production team takes over and communicates the entire way through. At the end of the project, the SIF team will be back in touch to ensure the project was a success and to welcome the new solar owner into the solar community! Solar Is Freedom® has roots in Columbus and is excited to use clean, renewable energy to help power the growth of the city!

Columbus Area Solar Installations

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