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Columbus Solar Projects – Lancaster, Ohio

Multi-pitch Solar Roof System in Lancaster, Ohio

This solar project in Lancaster, Ohio, east of Columbus, Ohio presented an interesting challenge due to the Homeowners Association (HOA). The Solar Is Freedom® sales representative went through the typical qualification process: taking pictures, gathering a copy of the electric bill, and asking key questions, where they talked to the homeowner about their HOA. This initial qualification survey allowed our design team to maximize this homeowner’s return on investment, all while staying within the rules of the HOA, local authority, and the utility company. After the sale, the site survey was scheduled and ran, which ended up with some design changes. The homeowner also wanted to see two or three different scenarios once the site survey and HOA rules had been accounted for. Some of the changes added extra complexity and work for both the panel and electrical teams on this installation. This was accomplished at no additional cost to the homeowner, who appreciated working with a local company and left an outstanding review online after.

Columbus Solar Roof Project - Lancaster, Ohio

This project offsets over fifty percent (50%) of this homeowner’s annual electric consumption! The savings will be in the tens of thousands of dollars over the twenty-five-year warranty of the system. The two arrays presented a challenge at first, but with an excellent design and execution, the project is not only a functional success, but also an aesthetic one. The homeowner in this case is now saving money each month instead of overpaying with their utility company. As always, Solar Is Freedom’s® goal is to create solar advocates through exceptional communication, delivery, and service. These advocates then help spread the message of residential solar throughout their communities. The project is a total of thirty-eight panels and one SolarEdge inverter, for a total system size of 11.78 kW, helping make Columbus a cleaner place to live!