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Columbus Solar Project – Cebriak House

Beautiful Solar Roof Installation in Columbus, OH

This is a textbook solar installation done in Columbus, Ohio. The homeowner immediately shared his goals with us: to save money on his electric bill. The Solar Is Freedom® design process is based on maximizing return on investment, as opposed to arbitrarily trying to offset all consumption or upselling unnecessary products. Since the goals for the project aligned with the Solar Is Freedom® approach, everything fell into place quickly. 

Columbus Ohio Solar Roof Installation

The Cebriak family is offsetting over eighty percent (80%) of their annual electrical consumption with this 20 Jinko 320-watt panel system. The reason why this project is so perfect is simple: with 80% coverage, the homeowner can now invest in energy efficiency to cover the last 20%. If the home is at 100%, any efficiency gains will result in an overage, which in most net metering arrangements ends with a reduced return on investment for the unused kilowatt-hours.

The array is coupled with 1 SolarEdge inverter and 20 P320 SolarEdge power optimizers. The design and planning were extremely simple and straightforward. The front of the house is south-facing and is clearly the best area for the panels. This southern exposure helps to increase production per panel, although east and west-facing roofs are only slightly less productive. The installation was perfectly executed and finished in one day, with the panels going on first, followed by the electrical tie in. There were no major obstacles, as the home was in perfect condition for solar in regards to the existing electrical infrastructure and home orientation. This array has inspired many more in the neighborhood to go solar, and every homeowner that signs up as a result of this family’s referral earns them $250.00 cash back! This homeowner saves on average over seventy dollars a month off of their electrical costs ($70/month) and will continue to save more year after year during the 25-year warranty period.