Cincinnati’s Energy Equity Investment


As the price benefits and affordability of solar are becoming more well known, more and more individuals and organizations have begun utilizing solar. Knowing these benefits, the City of Cincinnati is embarking on a project that will become the largest municipally led solar array in the country. Spanning 890 acres of land in Highland County, the New Market Solar Project will be operational in December of 2021 and will provide enough power to cover 100% of Cincinnati’s electricity consumption for all city-owned and operated services, achieving carbon neutrality. The project is funded through a power-purchasing agreement. This means that the city agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the array over a 20-year period. Through the negotiation of a fixed price upfront, Cincinnati is projected to save $1.8 million during the 20 years. All of this saved money can go towards other city initiatives and can help to improve the livelihoods of all residents. When asked about the project, the city’s mayor, John Cranley, stated, “You can be a climate denier. You might not believe in science. But it would be irresponsible for a city to not deliver a cheaper product, especially if that product is better for the environment.”



The adoption of solar by the City of Cincinnati and the words of the Mayor further exemplify the undeniability of solar. The many benefits of solar installation heavily outweigh its costs and people from all socioeconomic backgrounds are beginning to realize this. Reports have shown that local solar for all costs less, as it drastically reduces energy bills, adds value to properties, and stimulates the economy by creating jobs. A recent report completed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) examined income, demographic, and other socio-economic trends among residential rooftop solar adopters in the United States based on data from 1.9 million residential rooftop solar systems installed through 2019. They found that while solar adopters generally skew towards higher incomes, this trend is continuing to diminish over time. Also, solar-adopter incomes vary considerably and include many low-to-moderate income (LMI) households. These findings indicate that more and more families from a wide variety of socioeconomic statuses are adopting solar, including many that are low-to-moderate income. This echoes the affordable nature of residential solar and how it is truly the best choice for all. Here at Solar is Freedom®, we have worked with an extremely wide variety of homeowners and even business owners, creating solar arrays ranging from only a few solar panels to commercial arrays covering entire businesses and schools. Our goal is to make your switch to solar wherein you Take Control of Your Energy Future™. The Solar Is Freedom® program includes world-class equipment, including LG panels, and a wide array of options for financing to ensure the best options based on the needs and goals of the project. In addition to our top-quality equipment and many financing options, we offer an industry-leading 25-year no-nonsense warranty. This allows for a true 25-year partnership, where shared responsibility and trust are the foundation of the relationship. Cincinnati, Ohio residents care about working with local companies and having the support of that company whenever they need it.


Ground Mounted Solar Array Outside Cincinnati


Beyond the price savings, adopting solar helps to combat global climate change and promote a sustainable future. In a world that is already facing climate catastrophe with different regions of the United States having different challenges, having ownership of your energy and having access to a renewable source of energy is of utmost importance. This type of investment is not the only way out of the many problems communities face with infrastructure and risks of environmental hazards, but it is one that they can control. Cincinnati, Ohio has made a great choice, and so can every other property owner. Investing now in a more resilient grid and building equity in local communities with sustainable, clean-energy-producing assets is key to avoiding unnecessary risks and costs. The future is always uncertain, but having ownership of your energy makes the future a little less scary.