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4007 Bach Buxton
Amelia, OH 45102
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Founded in Cincinnati

Solar Is Freedom® was founded in Cincinnati in February of 2016 after Tony Ranieri, the current President and majority owner, searched for a company to install solar on his home and business. Tony owned a small general contracting business that specialized in residential and commercial roofing. American Dream Contractors Ohio had focused primarily in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky areas, building a strong brand within the local communities that stood for quality. When Tony was evaluating a partner to help him embrace clean, renewable energy in the form of residential and commercial solar installations, he was disappointed to find very few companies operating in the space and had an even harder time getting in touch. Tony then decided to combine his knowledge of construction, his solid business reputation, and his passion for a sustainable future into American Dream Solar and Window. This new company would be fully dedicated to helping homeowners in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas achieve energy independence, all while saving money and positively impacting the health and well being of his community, the Cincinnati community. 

Tony assembled a team, many of which are still here today, to add the solar industry expertise he was missing. His team  shared his vision of the future for, and love for, his Cincinnati community. Since those first two years, the team has spread out all over Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, consistently picking up steam with like-minded leaders who also care about their communities, from Columbus to Cleveland, Dayton to Indianapolis, and Louisville to Lexington. Solar Is Freedom® was conceived in 2018 to capture the essence of what solar allows property owners to do: Take control of Your Energy Future™. Still legally named American Dream Solar and Window, Solar Is Freedom® carries on the legacy of quality and care for each project, with a new and powerful brand that stands for helping local communities flourish and embrace clean solar energy. Although we moved our headquarters into a bigger space and changed our look, our home and values are still the same, still founded and run on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio. These values have helped Solar Is Freedom® become one of the highest rated and the fastest-growing residential solar installer in the state! Solar Is Freedom® is committed to powering the city of Cincinnati into the future with clean, renewable energy.

Cincinnati Area Solar Installations

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