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Cincinnati Solar Project – Mount Healthy

Solar Roof Project in Cincinnati, Ohio

Vince Cavallaro is posing here in front of his beautiful array in Cincinnati, Ohio! This project was completed at Vince’s home in Mount Healthy. This is another project that was extremely simple to do, as the entire project was finished in one day! Our design team, sales team, administration team, and field team greatly enjoyed coming together to accomplish this installation and help Vince claim energy independence in Cincinnati!

Solar roof project in Mount Healthy, Cincinnati, Ohio

Vince made the sale easy, as he was excited and motivated for solar. As soon as he saw the design and price, it became a no-brainer. The panels are facing due south, meaning they are in the perfect position to maximize kilowatt-hour production. This made the proposal and numbers look even better than they normally do. Once all the paperwork, which is all electronic signature and a breeze to get through, was done, he went onto our installation schedule. After a few weekly check-ins with Vince, updating him on the progress of net metering agreements and permitting, Solar Is Freedom was ready to install.

The panel and electrical crews encountered nothing out of the ordinary and the install and interconnection with Duke went extremely well. The panel crew got up on the roof and had the array laid out in a few hours. The only slight challenge was the two different arrays, one with 18 Jinko 320 panels and the other with 16, totaling 34 panels. The panel crew had to connect both arrays to one SolarEdge inverter through two “strings”, or series of panels. This is pretty common, though, and was accomplished with ease. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. With this system, Vince will save around $130/month (one-hundred and thirty dollars a month) and will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system.