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Cincinnati Solar Project – Blue Ash & Sharonville

Cost-Effective Solar Roof in Cincinnati, Ohio

Alan Heinze’s project was completed in 2019 near Blue Ash and Sharonville in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Account Manager working with Alan was able to easily identify all the relevant information, including panel and meter condition and location, electricity consumption, and available roof space. The project plan was finalized by our design team, meeting Cincinnati area code requirements and local utility requirements for interconnection.

Solar roof in Cincinnati, Ohio

The design team, focusing on the best possible return on investment, decided to go with the front of the house. With the black-framed Jinko 320 panels and a black asphalt shingle roof, the aesthetics of the project are outstanding. Alan has referred to Solar Is Freedom to sign up for solar due in part to the placement of the panels. This job was a very straight forward project with a perfectly south-facing roof. Alan and his wife are very proud to display the panels on the front of the home and love the look of the panels.

This project was extremely cost-effective because of the orientation of the house, the optimal slope of the roof, and the quality of the main service panel and electrical wiring of the home. The total project, only 12 panels, 12 SolarEdge optimizers, and 1 SolarEdge inverter, took the installation team less than a full workday to accomplish. The installation started with the railing, all IronRidge products, going on the roof first. This was followed by the installation of the optimizers and panels. While this was being accomplished, the electrical team got to work hanging the inverter. Once all the products were laid out and attached to the home properly, all that was left was to tie everything together, turn the system on, and start saving money. This project will save them around $110/month (one hundred and ten dollars per month) of their electricity costs, and thousands of dollars over the 25 year warrantied period.