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Cincinnati Solar Project – Anderson Township

16 Panel Roof Array in Cincinnati, Ohio

Kerry Ragland is a Cincinnati homeowner right in Anderson Township. This project, as always, started with a phenomenal design. Her account manager gathered all the relevant information, including the Main Service Panel condition, electric consumption, roof space, and the roof slope. Once this was established, the design and engineering team put together a proposal based on maximizing return on investment (ROI). This approach ensures that the homeowner is getting the best possible value out of the system.

Solar Installation in Cincinnati, Ohio

At times, aesthetic concerns and other factors can play into a change in design. However, the vast majority of our homeowners want to save money and this approach ensures that they do just that. In this case, the decision on where to put the panels was easy. The roof is relatively shallow and, being in Cincinnati, Ohio and being southern facing, it is perfectly set up for solar. The neighborhood did not have any homeowner’s association or any other substantial obstacles, so the administration’s work to submit net metering and permitting, all done in-house by Solar Is Freedom, was straight forward and painless.

Kerry has an all-electric home, which means her home has high peaks of electricity consumption both when it is hot in the summer and when it is cold in the winter. Being in Cincinnati, she experiences plenty of both! This project included 16 Jinko 320-watt panels, 16 P320 SolarEdge Optimizers, and one SolarEdge inverter. The panels and optimizers pictured above took only a few hours to install and the electrical tie-in, done through the main service panel in the garage, was accomplished in just 4 hours. The panels will save Kerry an average of $100 a month! The home is a ranch style with no basement, so the total consumption was relatively low all year. This system was a text-book install, and she is proud to show off the panels with the rest of the neighborhood!