We're passionate about solar energy

We believe that the most powerful change we can make in the world stems from being good people in our communities, families, and work. Solar energy is that change.

A Trusted Partner In Our Community


Solar Is Freedom® is a locally owned and operated company with offices in CincinnatiColumbus, Charlotte, and Louisville. We have roots in these communities and we care about the future of homeowners here.

We take all the nonsense out of the process and provide you with all the information upfront before any level of commitment is necessary. We want homeowners to be educated about solar, and understand the benefits.

If you’ve ever been interested in finding out if your home is eligible with no commitment, stop waiting and find out now and we will have a home solar expert contact you.

Making Solar Accessible

In 2016, our founder, Tony Ranieri wanted to get solar on both his home and business. At the time, he owned a successful general contracting firm specializing in residential and commercial roofing. However, searching for a solar installer took more work than Tony anticipated. In fact, he could hardly get a call back from anyone.

Everything Tony experienced that year in trying to go solar made him realize there was a real need for a reliable, trustworthy company in the solar space. Using his stellar reputation, background in construction, and a strong passion for a global, sustainable future for all, Tony created American Dream Solar and Window, now known as Solar Is Freedom.

Through a shared vision, we fully dedicate ourselves to helping homeowners achieve energy independence while saving money. We are committed to positively impacting the health and well-being of our communities. In fact, Tony perhaps put it best when he said: "Solar is, in fact, Freedom."

Solar is Freedom is present in multiple states in the Midwest and South. We are rapidly extending our expertise in the solar business to other cities, states, and countries.

Looking for a new challenge?

If you're looking for more than just another job, and joining a company you can believe in and feel good about - join us here at Solar Is Freedom. We love hard-working people that play harder and go to any length to do the right thing. See our open positions by clicking the button below.