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Think you can’t afford solar energy?

American Solar Bulb Wrong… Wrong…WRONG!

Converting to solar energy will cost you LESS THAN YOUR CURRENT ELECTRIC BILL!

Let me explain,

There’s a common misconception that converting to a solar power system is just too expensive for the average household.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth… and here’s why.

You’re currently making monthly payments to your utility company, am I right? And if you want to continue to heat your home in the winter, and cool your home during the warmer months, then you’ll have to continue making those payments… month after month, and year after year.

Not only that, but electric rates are constantly increasing. You’ll continue to make those monthly payments regardless … and in the end, you’ll have nothing to show for it!

But what if…

Instead of making all those payments to the utility company, you could make the same (or lesser) payments toward an investment in your own home, while still having all your electric energy needs met

… Heating, cooling, power for all your electrical appliances – stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave, electric water heater – anything and everything for which you’re currently paying your utility company?


What if…

You could make that transition AT ZERO COST!

Let’s put that another way…

You’ll not pay anything except what you’re already paying… but you’ll be paying it to YOURSELF in the form of an investment in your own home.

And best of all, in just a few short years you’ll achieve…

Energy Independence!

Translation: You will be producing your own electricity and paying $0.00 to your electricity provider!

Bottom line…

If you’re paying your currently energy bill, then YOU CAN AFFORD SOLAR!

“But…” you might ask “If my electric bill is already low, then WHY should I convert to solar?”

That’s certainly a valid question, and one that we hear all the time.

Generally speaking, it’s our nature as humans to prefer sticking with the status quo, unless there’s a very strong reason to do otherwise. And in a lot of cases, the benefits of making major changes just don’t outweigh the hassle, anxiety, discomfort, and… let’s face it… the STRESS that comes with disrupting our familiar routines.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply sign a contract and have someone take care of every aspect of the project from A to Z with $0.00 down and start saving money immediately?

That is what we are offering at American Dream Solar!

So the question is: Do the benefits of converting to solar “green energy” outweigh the comfort of continued servitude to your grid-connected power supplier?


And here’s why…

Reason #1

Unless you’re willing to stop heating/cooling your home, and stop using electricity altogether, your monthly payments to your utility company will continue FOREVER.

But if you convert to a home solar energy system, your monthly electric bill will drop to $0.00 from the day you turn on the system. If you finance the system, your payments will be fixed and will actually be lower than your current electric bill! And the best part is, the payments will eventually end. This means you will be paying $0.00 for electricity!

Reason #2

Electric rates are continuously going up. So unless you go with a solar photovoltaic system (or at least some kind of renewable energy resource) your monthly payments will not only continue forever.. they’ll go HIGHER over time.

But if you convert to solar, your payments will remain the same until the cost has been amortized, and then drop to zero.

Reason #3

If you convert to solar panel technology, you’ll get a 30% Federal Tax Credit, that is typically as high as $6,000!

Reason #4

Installing a rooftop solar energy system will greatly increase the value of your property without raising your property tax!

So isn’t this really a NO BRAINER?

It should be clear by now that if you’re paying a monthly electric bill, you’re throwing your money away!

WHY would you continue paying your energy provider money every month, when you could be spending that same money toward investing in your property instead?

Why not break the “shackles” that bind you to your utility company? What could possibly be the advantage to NOT taking action right now?

If you’re tired of paying ever-rising electric bills, and want to achieve Energy Independence, I’ll give you one more reason to act now…

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The American Dream Difference

  • We actually have our credentials (a lot of our competitors do not)
  • We build a custom designed solar solutions to fit your energy consumption
  • We DO NOT build a cookie-cutter model or one-size-fits-all
  • We give you an A – Z project breakdown
  • We update you once a week during the installation process
  • We have exclusive installers – we don’t outsource our work
  • We do a complete quality control inspection after the job is completed
  • We get a lot of our business from referrals… so we’ll work extra hard to please you and earn your trust!

Don’t spend another day in “bondage” to your power provider!


P.S. Do you own a small to medium sized business?

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