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Solar Is Freedom
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What makes us different

Solar Is Freedom takes the time to understand your needs. We design custom solutions that takes all the nonsense out of purchasing solar for your home. Our estimates are not subject to change. We give you a firm project cost with payment options built specifically for you.

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Why everyone is going solar

The solar industry has grown by over 5,000% in the past decade. There are plenty of reasons for this tremendous growth, including environmental concern. However, the number one reason driving solar industry growth is that solar is now simply the better financial option. For decades, we did not have a choice when it came to how we get our energy. It was just a part of homeownership, we pay our electric bills. Now, we have a choice. And that choice is not only more affordable, it is more predictable, adds value to your home, and protects our environment. Everyone is going solar because it is the best financial decision you can make as a homeowner.

Our process

Our process has been refined over millions of installed watts of solar, and is specifically designed to address every potential bump in the road.

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